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IN-S63WTx Series Announcement

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IN-S63WTxIR Series Release

Post Date : 2023-05-27

We're thrilled to unveil our latest product release, the IN-S63WTxIR series, designed to optimize your infrared sensing applications. These compact 0603 devices, measuring just 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.95mm, offer exceptional performance and versatility for a wide range of industries.

Key Features:
✅ Mechanical and Spectral Match: Perfectly matched to the phototransistor, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance.
✅ Low Forward Voltage: Efficient power consumption and enhanced energy savings.
✅ High Radiant Intensity: Greater detection sensitivity for improved accuracy.
✅ Long Life Expectancy: Reliable and durable components, providing extended operational lifespan.
✅ Global Compliance: This release includes ROHS and REACH-compliant parts, making them suitable for worldwide markets.

We're committed to delivering optoelectronic solutions that empower your product development journey. With the IN-S63WTx series, you can unlock new possibilities for your infrared applications while meeting international regulatory standards.
Whether you're working on consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial automation, or beyond, our IN-S63WTx series will elevate your designs to new heights.

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IN-S63WTx Series Release Flyer 

IN-S63WTHIR Data Sheet

IN-S63WTIR Data Sheet

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