Available Now, the Thinnest 0402 Package LEDs

Post Date : 2022-07-25

Just released, IN-S42ETx SERIES LEDs by Inolux are the thinnest 0402 package devices available. Mono-color top view SMD LEDs are a highly sought-after product category, and this new release offers unparalleled design versatility that is suitable for numerous applications ranging from IoT to the latest in medical device miniaturization.

This series features eight color options, long life expectancy, high brightness, low power demands, and ultra-compact measurements of just 1.0x0.5x0.25(mm).

IN-S4ETx series LEDs are also ROHS and REACH Compliant, helping ensure that your design meets the requirements of consumers and regulations globally.

For more information, please contact us at sales@inolux-corp.com.


IN-S42ETx Data Sheet
IN-S42ETx Product Flyer