Lead Axial Infrared Emitter LED and Light Bar Display LED Series Announcements

Post Date : 2021-08-20

Inolux Corporation is excited to announce two lead axial frame emitter LEDs and two light bar display LEDs.

The INA-912AHIR25 is a 1.8mm lead frame axial infrared emitter with high brightness and a water clear lens. These small double-end package LEDs are ideal for several applications, including but not limited to PCB-mounted infrared sensors, optoelectronic switches, and smoke detectors. Special packaging is available upon request and the part is available with no lead bend (INA-912AHIR25) or a gullwing lead frame (INA-912AHIR25.GR).

This announcement also includes two new through-hole display LED series. The INBD-T11020.(X)NB series features a bar graph with a black face and ten white segments.  This easy assembly display LED is ideal for endless applications such as consumer electronics and industrial equipment. Emission color options for this product including yellow-green, amber, red, blue, and white. The second series in this category update is the INBD-T1125(X)NW. These one segment 6.3 x 12.5mm light bar display LEDs are RoHS compliant and Pb free, ensuring product designs meet the requirements of consumers and regulations on a global level. Emission color choices for this light bar include yellow-green, amber, red, blue, or white.


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